Goals of the association of castle owners

The primary goal of the Association of Castle Owners is to preserve private castles, country houses, gardens and other privately-owned historic monuments in the Czech Republic. The Association’s aim is to achieve this by the following activities and initiatives.

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Activities of the Association in the realm of legislation

The Association of Castle Owners has succeeded in having one of its board members named to the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic on the care of Monuments. This will permit the Association to influence the preparation of, and amendments to, Acts concerning Monuments, and the concomitant regulations relating to the care of significant cultural, architectural and historic monuments.

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Activities of the Association in international relations

In the area of international contacts, the Association has become a member of the pan-European organisations European Historic Houses (“EHH”).

The Association has all of the prerequisites for forming and nurturing mutual contacts with organisations abroad. Many of the Association’s members (most of whom lived abroad previous to 1989) have excellent business and social connections internationally. Furthermore, many of the Association’s pre-eminent members are conversant in several languages, which is an important asset for international relations.

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